Keep checking the website – it will be updated as fast as I can make them!

Hello and welcome to Skin Kiss.

I thought you might like to know a little bit about me before you visit the rest of the site, how Skin Kiss came into being, and my motivations for doing what I do:

About 20 years ago I started having ‘reactions’ to all sorts of things; food, washing powders, soaps, and worst of all – bath soaks.

Naturally I was devastated because I do like a good scented soak from time to time.
So, the first thing I did was make myself some Lavender Bath Salts, using just sea salt, lavender essential oil and a sprinkling of lavender from the garden. Bliss! And better still, no reaction.

And the rest, as they say is history…….
My products, along with the rest of me(!) have evolved over the years as I have become ever more conscious about the effect all of our actions have on Planet Earth.
This is why you will never find anything but natural, ethically-sourced ingredients in my products, nor plastic in my packaging.

Since there is only little old me making everything here at Skinkiss, I have taken the decision to expand my products by using a lovely little British company called Herbs On The Hill.

They have an amazing range, including many things I would love to make but can’t!

(Not that I’m not capable (!) but they would involve buying extra Cosmetic Safety Assessments.)

The majority of their products are vegan (just a few have honey in them), and all are natural. These things were obviously very important to me when I made my decision.

If you would like to take a look at their range you can click on this link: https://herbsonthehill.shop/?ref=diceL_P5FoQxF

AND, should you decide to try some of their goodies this is a code which gives you 10% off orders over £15: LESLEYEVANS

At least this way, I can offer you a far bigger range than I can possibly make all on my own!

If you would like to keep in touch I send a monthly update with news, special offers, information about essential oils and their uses and – most importantly – an EXCLUSIVE discount code to use. You can subscribe HERE: https://skinkiss.aweb.page/p/20867cbe-c06b-4321-af24-83349fc0e234

I look forward to keeping you posted.


All products fully CSA certified.